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arely a week into 2020 and it’s very difficult to feel optimistic about the new year – let alone the next decade ahead. And it’s not just South Africa that isn’t off to a great start.

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Kicking The Can Down The Road, Or Worse?
Ieon Kok spoke to Efficient Group economist, Dawie Roodt, who has been outspoken on the 2020 Budget. The interview was based on Roodt’s presentation to the Free Market Foundation in Johannesburg. What’s your overall assessment of SA’s public finances
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Offshore Exposure Still Key
fund Focus has long held that the average investor in South Africa should have 30% to 70% of their liquid assets invested offshore. We haven’t detracted from that view. The reasons in the current domestic economic climate are all too obvious, ranging
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Is SA Corporate Credit Too Expensive?
prudential has always seen corporate credit as a core asset class within the fixed-income investment universe, since it can add value to ourclients’ portfolios through the extra yield (or spread) it offers – but only where appropriate for the risk in