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A Word from the Editor

Our winter hunting has been fairly eventful to say the least, and we have some interesting episodes coming up for you next season. Spring is just round the corner in the low country but don’t expect to see any signs of it for a month yet in the high country! Some of the most dangerous times of the year travel wise are coming up - with equinoxial winds, unstable

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NZ Hunter6 min gelesen
REDEMPTION Alpine Double
Monty was as keen as mud and was already in the valley with his old man Garth. I was to meet them a few hours up the valley and then we would continue on to a head basin we had talked about visiting, and where Monty had previously seen some good-siz
NZ Hunter6 min gelesen
Hiding In Plain Sight
And yes, there is no doubt that bi-pods, barrels and bullets are much more successful, but there is definitely a huge sense of accomplishment when I get right in amongst it in the open country with a bow in my hand. I absolutely love playing the ga
NZ Hunter4 min gelesen
Word From The Editor
This spring has had the usual mix of weather so far, but we have had a few cracker days in between fronts that we’ve managed to get up high on the mountains and down low in the rivers and make the most of. By the time you read this the deer should be