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A Word from the Editor

Our winter hunting has been fairly eventful to say the least, and we have some interesting episodes coming up for you next season. Spring is just round the corner in the low country but don’t expect to see any signs of it for a month yet in the high country! Some of the most dangerous times of the year travel wise are coming up - with equinoxial winds, unstable

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Ridgeline Micro Lite Top
I have to say I was supremely impressed with Ridgelines offering to this market. The Micro Lite Zip Top is a very comfortable garment. The cut is nice and loose allowing a bit of circulation, the zip is deep enough to let a good bit of heat out, and
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Summer Time Barbecued Rabbit Legs
Yes, this dish is usually fried but it’s just as good on the BBQ, or even roasted. First we are going to make a dry rub, or some would say a seasoning, for the rabbits. A dry rub is a mixture of spices and seasonings that is rubbed on the outside (
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A New Approach For Game Management
This article is a generalisation on animal management across New Zealand AND a timely reminder that we need, as hunters, to ask ourselves some tough questions Do we want a future in NZ for our game? I guess the answer is ‘yes’. Then what do we need