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Digital Photographer1 min gelesen
10th Food POTY In Royal Show
Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year will be holding its 10-year anniversary exhibition at the Royal Photographic Society (patron HRH The Duchess of Cambridge) in Bristol, UK. Dr Michael Pritchard FRPS is director of education and public affairs
Digital Photographer2 min gelesenScience & Mathematics
Put It All Together…
Portraits can be quite tricky to take. This image of our model Claudia was no different, as she was totally lit by this neon sign in a shop window. Here we locked off the white balance and set it to Fluorescent so that we would consistently get a vib
Digital Photographer2 min gelesenScience & Mathematics
Change The White Balance
Colour is an important part of photography and plays a significant role in the mood of your images. Your camera’s white balance can make an image appear warmer or cooler to correct for colour casts, and can ensure that neutral hues in the shot, such