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As the gateway to the desert state of Rajasthan in India, Jaipur has a history as rich and wondrous as its awe-inspiring palaces, forts and architecture. Home to many regal forms of accommodation, from old havelis (traditional residences) to grand palace hotels, Fairmont Jaipur stands apart from the Pink City offerings with its unique combination of sophistication and refined glamour – an ode to a bygone Mughal dynasty and the royal Rajputs, with all the style and comfort of the modern era.

Guests are treated like royalty from the moment they arrive at Fairmont Jaipur. Stepping out from of his drums announcing our arrival. It’s all special, but these touches of traditional hospitality, we discover, are a signature of Fairmont Jaipur – the hotel’s many beautiful nooks provide the stage for Rajasthani folk dancers, puppeteers and musicians throughout the day and night.

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