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The lovers’ guide to Bali

The tantalising mix of sun-drenched beaches, eco escapes, blazing sunsets, barefoot luxury, sophisticated fashion, world-class dining, and one of the most beautiful cultures in the world lures me back to Bali at least a few times each year – and with each return, I swear, this island just keeps on getting better. Whether it’s the restaurants, the resorts or the escapism you’re after, no matter your style, budget or lifestyle, Bali has a ‘choose your own adventure’ exotic charm. Every region of this tiny but mighty island offers a melting pot of experiences that are ever-changing, and always impressive. Lovers, consider this your ultimate guide.

“Stroll along the sands of Seminyak Beach and find the perfect perch to take in the sunset”


Thanks to an abundance of hip hangouts, chic boutiques, cool bars, beach clubs, swanky accommodation options and some of the island’s best restaurants, Seminyak manages to retain its charm as one of Bali’s best places to stay and play – for at least a few days of shopping, sipping and savouring. Say yes to Seminyak, and you’re guaranteed a good time.


Seminyak is a fine-dining hub, and one of the island’s original establishments is La Lucciola, which beckons us back with its enchanting setting and modern Mediterranean-style fare. Some of my most memorable (and romantic!) meals have been had right here, at a table under the open-air, soaring thatched-roof pavilion, enjoying delectable dishes served with the cooling breeze from the ocean beyond. La Looch – as it’s affectionately known among longtime Bali lovers – really does have that special something – it’s classic, unadulterated Bali at its best.

Then there are the new kids on the block, like Bikini, which is putting a fresh spin on stylish fine dining. From the creators of popular Seminyak cafe Sisterfields ( – our go-to brunch destination before a spot of shopping – and badass burger haunt BO$$ MAN (, Bikini is a playfully decadent offering, where inventive food is served up with a sexy twist.

Team Seminyak’s famous foodie style with some playtime at the hip Australian-led hangout Motel Mexicola, where the 1960s Acapulco-esque decor (think crucifixes, cacti and lurid Cantina style) sets the scene for a modern take on Mexican street food. The vibe is electrifying late in the night when the endless rounds of Bali’s best margaritas kick in and the music starts pumping. So much fun!


Stroll along the sands of Seminyak Beach and find the perfect perch to take in the magical sunset that blesses this corner of the island every, the chic beachfront restaurant and bar at .

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