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Island hopping in the SOLOMONS

“You’ve got to have a real sense of adventure here in the Solomon Islands,” our lovely guide, Stella, tells us when we meet her at Honiara International Airport. She’s certainly not wrong. From the islands’ spectacular diving and surfing to their almost mythical history, you could say the Solomon Islands is the stuff of romance-adventure novels. And we can’t wait to dive in and experience it all for ourselves.

Legend has it that a 16th-century explorer believed this to be where King Solomon sourced the gold to build his illusive temple (hence the name). While he didn’t find much of the treasured stuff, he wasn’t totally off the mark – the Solomon Islands is pure holiday gold.

A blissfully tranquil destination just three hours’ flight from Brisbane, the Solomons – as the locals call it – is rich with natural beauty and still largely untouched by tourism. You find the occasional Western-style hotel, but don’t expect any glitzy five-star resorts and familiar

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