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CRUISING through history

There’s no doubt the ancient Romans knew a thing or two about prime waterfront real estate when they nabbed the most fertile land along the left bank of the Rhine River in Germany. They knew something about wine too, introducing viticulture to their Germanic territories over 2,000 years ago and many of the techniques and principles that were first developed in ancient Roman times are still found in modern winemaking. I mention this only because last year my friends and I joined a group of discerning travellers for a Rhine river cruise, starting in Basel, Switzerland, and ending in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. And, as it would turn out, along the way I got to try quite a few bottles of the local product that started with their endeavours – cheers to the Romans!

On arrival after a gruelling 20-hour flight from Australia via, one of Avalon Waterways’ new , which was waiting for the last passengers to board and ready to cast off. Shown to my luxury Panorama Suite on the top deck, I was pleasantly surprised by the size and furnishings, which included a plush and comfortable lounge, and small table right next to the wall-to-wall windows that opened right up to provide an indoor balcony – perfect for a few of those afternoon glasses of vino while watching the passing scenery. The rear lounge with its open observation deck is just a few steps away, and with tea, coffee and snacks available 24-hours a day, I would have no trouble at all settling in for the coming week on the water.

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