Holidays for Couples

HOW TO... pack like a pro


Before you even drag out your suitcase, think ahead and loosely plan out what you’re going to wear for each day of your trip. It pays to write out a basic list of the items you’ll wear, but be realistic – you really won’t need stilettos if you’re trekking Machu Picchu. This will help you work out

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Holidays for Couples7 min gelesen
LAND OF smiles
Approaching the small, jewel-shaped isle of Samui, lush green mountains loom up out of the mist, as you fly close over colourful fishing boats bobbing in the emerald sea and the small wooden homes that line the sandy shore. It’s no wonder it’s been n
Holidays for Couples2 min gelesen
Room With A Soul – Where Tradition Meets Luxury
InterContinental Bali Resort is renowned for showcasing the best of Bali, with the essential components of Balinese Hindu philosophies, imagery and symbolism prevalent throughout its design. The Resort follows the principals of ‘Tri Hita Karana’, whi
Holidays for Couples6 min gelesen
Culinary Conquests In Chile
While some lovers are destined to spend their vacations on white sandy beaches, food and wine lovers are called to look towards South America’s richest country, Chile, for romantic holiday satisfaction. For it is in Chile – a long, slender country of