Holidays for Couples

The romance of RAJAS THAN

The omnipresent sounds of hawkers and blaring horns assaulted our eardrums and the aroma of pungent spices emanating from the many food carts and eateries infused the air with the smell of India. Through the Old Delhi streets of Chandni Chowk we went, carried by our pedicab driver past shops crammed with colourful saris, dazzling jewellery, exotic-looking shoes and bags, and more. So many enticing, beautiful things to covet, but I was too timid to attempt bartering with these hardened hawkers who would know in an instant that I was a novice ripe for the picking.

As an introduction to India, the commotion, chaos, colour and smells of Old Delhi were as intoxicating as they were inspiring. We had arrived in Delhi the previous night for a 16-night Indian exploration, staying for the first two nights at The Imperial (). It was here in the 1930s that Pandit Nehru, Mahatama Gandhi, Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Lord Mountbatten met to discuss the partition of India and creation of Pakistan. If only the walls could talk.

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