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Diabetes mellitus (or simply diabetes) refers to a group of serious lifelong conditions where there is too much glucose in the blood. Glucose is your body’s main source of energy.

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State Of Entitlement
THE ROAD safety ‘industry’ – “No sir, it’s all about safety; it is definitely not about the revenue.” So why is it that New South Wales’ Highway Patrol management has gone to such lengths to camouflage their vehicles? One would need the eyes of a haw
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Industry’s Invisible Wall
I’VE BEEN doing this for a bloody long time and still hearing the same frustrating talk about not enough drivers or operators participating or being involved. In the last edition of Owner//Driver, Ken Wilkie talked about the gap between decision make
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Suffering In Silence
I GOT A call from a mate who said, with all the issues about now, he was going to ring one mate a night to simply ask, “How’s things?” and it was my turn. We had not spoken for some time and while we were both busy and coping (a personal observation