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Do dads belong in the delivery room?

“I am one of those rare mothers who went into labour on the due date that was given to me. All seemed well till the contractions were minutes apart. None of the preparation I had done for this moment was of any help. I just wanted it to be over with. The doctors offered to allow my mother in, but no sooner than she did, she fainted seeing the pain I was in. It was then that my husband came in and with his constant reassurances I managed to power through. Having him there was

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Get Into Pram-pushing Shape With This Step-up Exercise That Tones Your Legs And Buttocks
1 Put your right foot on a low step or raised surface. 2 Keeping your chest straight, lift your left leg and step up, leaning your weight on your right foot. 3 Step down with your left leg, then your right leg. 4 Repeat this 12 times. You can hold
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Recovery Position
If the child in unconscious or semiconscious, make him lie on the tummy with the head turned to one side. Then bend the leg at the knee by keeping it slightly flexed. Never let the child lie on the back. After making him lie down in this recovery pos
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Eating Out When Pregnant
During a recent diet consultation, when I got to the section on ‘eating out’ preferences, the young couple on call immediately said, “No way, we have completely stopped eating outside food since we got the news that we are expecting.” I am getting to