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Club Energy Sparks Interest In Show Attendees

I just came home from the Michigan State Show. It was a resounding success, with happy collectors and dealers. This seemed sort of a mystery, given the slow market and lower attendance at major shows, so I asked Michigan State President Stephen Friedman what was up. The basic reason was club energy. This year,

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Super Gems Continue Strong Performance
It appears to me that prices are firming up a bit. I think the FUN auctions will confirm this. At this point in time I see good prices for notes from Very Fine to Gem. There are more ups than downs. One serious down price was a note sold in the Carso
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Reader’s Showcase
Ardent Georgia national bank note collector and dealer Bobbie Mills won this significant number 1 Georgia Series of 1902 red seal from a recent Stack’s Bowers sale. It is only the second Georgia number 1 red seal recorded in the National Currency Fou
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Souderton, Pennsylvania Gets Some Banking Competition
For the start of a new year, I looked in my collection for an interesting note, combined with then and now views of the bank, to be the foundation of this article. I still am amazed (and at this point somewhat disgusted) that we are still in the mids