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Sedona Plein Air Festival

who loves art, beautiful scenery, and a sunny atmosphere, it’s hard to beat a plein-air festival set in Se-dona, AZ, particularly when it features 25 nationally recognized landscape artists who bring the city to life in paint over

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The Highlight Reel
In 1982, Southwest Art published the first-ever encyclopedia of leading artists of the American West. Written by Peggy and Harold Samuels, the book included some 750 artists with short biographies, samples of their signatures, and photographs of them
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The Artists We Miss
Reynolds was one of the most acclaimed and admired of western artists, hailing from Scottsdale, AZ, and winning numerous awards from the Cowboy Artists of America and the Prix de West Invitational, including its purchase award. McGary’s detailed, col
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Where Are They Now?
How has your artwork changed since you were last featured? I have always painted a mix of subjects, and I still do, but lately I have done a group of pieces of women in kimonos. Another avenue I have enjoyed pursuing is celebratory themes: figures wi