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Sitting down to write this piece and reflect on what you’ll find in the following pages is a loaded task for me. This issue paints a picture of the changes and challenges I face as a journalist today, as well as what they, and the environment in which I will be working, look like in the future. In my nearly three years at and I’ve learnt that things never stand still and the stories in this magazine are further proof of

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Make Minority Markets Matter
Beyond marketing to mainstream New Zealanders, Marketing Minds is well-positioned to reach emerging and hard-to-reach ethnic markets, namely the Chinese, who have high home ownership and makes up 10.6 percent of Auckland’s population and 5.3 percent
NZ Marketing2 min gelesenTechnology & Engineering
You’ve Got Mail
“Gone are the days where catalogues were dropped in a free-for-all style, casting the net wide and hoping to convert,” writes Tim MacMillan for ReachMedia. “We now have a wide range of data around demographics and purchasing behaviours available to u
NZ Marketing2 min gelesen
A Lesson In Brand Loyalty
2degrees’ commitment to Fighting for Fair has been recognised on Campaign Asia’s top 1000 brands, as the Kiwi telco celebrates a rise in its global rankings. Campaign Asia’s Top 1000 Brands study is the most comprehensive consumer opinion survey in A