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Who, or what determines what you are going to investigate?

Newsworthiness and availability of data. It’s hard to investigate unless there is data available. Also, if anyone in the newsroom suggests ideas worth investigating.

How long does each project take?

It depends on complexity and what we are creating as end result, but

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NZ Marketing2 min gelesen
Reviatliasing Growth
Founded by two friends AJ and Shane and owned by Mix Limited, essano Rosehip skincare first went to shelves in 2014. With its unique pink packaging and blossoming relationship with retailers, the brand soon became a competitor to renowned skincare br
NZ Marketing2 min gelesenTechnology & Engineering
Connecting Communities
Smart Displays is New Zealand’s first residential-based digital screen media company. Using strategicallyplaced 43” HD digital screens the OOH player is helping communities, businesses, and brands connect across its dynamicAuckland network. Since 201
NZ Marketing2 min gelesen
The Return Of The Kiwi
For many years Goodnight Kiwi operated as an animal who would signal the end of the day’s transmission and a reminder your kids were up too late. In 2019, his comeback was for a different purpose, to encourage New Zealanders to read with their childr