Save Our Seas

How to heal the sea

One of the biggest conundrums facing us today is this: we rely on the ocean for all the services it provides for us – from the food we eat and the oxygen we breathe to the

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Save Our Seas2 min gelesen
The ESA: A Win For Turtles And Marine Mammals
Laws that protect marine life are put in place to manage the impact of our actions on the oceans. Which species can be hunted or fished, or not? Which species can be traded, and where? In many cases, strict laws are put in place to manage dwindling p
Save Our Seas2 min gelesenEarth Sciences
Rising Temperatures, Melting Sea Ice And … Colder Winters?
The misconceptions about climate change are many and varied, and it’s not uncommon to hear confusion about its impacts being uniform across the planet. ‘Global warming’ means we’re going to get hotter, right? That’s great if you’re living in icy clim
Save Our Seas7 min gelesen
Can Sound Science Help Reefs?
Submerged 40 feet (12 metres) below the surface in warm, clear waters, one could be forgiven for expecting the only sound disturbing the tranquil setting to be the intermittent gurgling of scuba bubbles. After all, Jacques Cousteau introduced million