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The Iran Imbroglio

The killing of Iranian major general Qassem Soleimani, as ordered by United States president Donald Trump, had a knock-on effect on the price of crude oil and gold and shook markets across the world. Mourners flooded onto the streets

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Behind The Scenes
I am skilled in plagiarising—from life,” Sai Paranjpye writes in her candid memoir, A Patchwork Quilt. The immediate context is a millworker’s remark that Paranjpye incorporated into her screenplay for the 1990 film Disha, but reading this book one r
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5 Weekend Getaways
The hillside property overlooks the Pavana Lake and offers mountain views, all under startlingly clear skies. Activities: Multi-purpose court for basketball or volleyball, spa, play area for children, trek to Tikona Fort, boating and paragliding. Con
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Sweetening The Peace Deal
On November 20, less than two weeks into the Congress’s desultory performance in the Bihar assembly election and the Madhya Pradesh by-elections, party chief Sonia Gandhi constituted three internal committees to “consider and discuss issues and polic