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The Big Boys’ Club

the faint-hearted. Big bucks chase big dreams calling for big decisions. Undoubtedly, it leads to big successes and, often, big failures as well. But the great fall is triggered by the minutest of errors of judgement. Or corruption, as several high-profile bank CEOs, who fell prey to the temptations, have proved in the past three years.

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Business Basics
There are different models – standalone, hybrid and home chef aggregation – in the cloud/dark kitchen space A large part of the cloud kitchen market is handled by aggregators like Swiggy and Zomato which are trying to increase the average order size
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Saving Taxes
AS we near the last quarter of 2020/21, here’s a look at how best to review your tax savings and take steps, if needed, to add that extra bit of money in your pocket. Individuals can save taxes either by investing in government-notified products or b
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The Valuation Spoilers
LIC is a government company with legacy assets such as people; political interference, too, is an issue Image of a quasi-sovereign wealth fund, lender of last resort for failed enterprises Product basket skewed towards savings than protection or pure