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We have recently launched our new website, having finally bid goodbye to the old site after 14 years, an eternity in website years – and for the first time we have a cart!!

While that addition of E-Commerce is obviously important to us, we have still), and please take the opportunity to interact with us through our contact page.

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Australian HiFi2 min gelesen
And A Warm Welcome To Sonus Faber…
Recently we decided to add another range of loudspeakers to the Len Wallis Audio stable and were in the fortunate position of making the choice from scratch. We considered a number of options, but it soon became evident that of all the speakers we ar
Australian HiFi1 min gelesen
Audio-technica Ath-ck3tw
Audio-Technica says its new ATH-CK3TW earphones combine lightweight design, long-lasting battery life, the latest Bluetooth wireless technology and the company’s renowned audio quality, all for only $189 (RRP). ‘The ATH-CK3TW’s low price allows a bro
Australian HiFi10 min gelesen
Dynaudio Evidence Platinum
Almost a decade ago, the Evidence Platinum was the new flagship loudspeaker in Dynaudio’s extensive range. It’s still this Danish company’s flagship model, because Dynaudio is not one for making ‘flavour of the month’ changes to its product line-up.