Charles Hargobind

harles Hargobind leads the Mindfulness Ambassador Program, put on by Mindfulness Without Borders, in which he guides high school seniors through a 12-week mindfulness training that includes basic meditation instruction, techniques

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6 WAYS TO BALANCE Your Nervous System
One method is the ocean breath: “You partially close the back of the throat on your exhale, which gently lengthens its duration,” says Mantz. He offers two guides: Pretend you’re fogging up a mirror, or breathing like Darth Vader. Increasing the leng
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Let’s Get Real
What does it mean to be authentic? “To accept myself with love and compassion, and follow my path with joy and gratitude.“ Candace Z. “It means to be honest about what’s in my head and heart, but in a way that’s mutually respectful and productive.” w