Lion's Roar

Don’t Pull the Trigger

Sometimes all it takes is a word or simple event and our thoughts and emotions are off to the races. DAVID RICHO on the fear that’s behind our triggers—and the antidote to it.

SOMEONE SAYS SOMETHING to us, and we are suddenly struck with a sinking feeling in our stomach. Someone does something, and we become instantly enraged or alarmed. Someone comes at us with a certain attitude, and we go to pieces. We hear mention of a person, place, or thing that is associated with an unresolved issue or a past trauma, and we immediately feel ourselves seize up with sadness, anger, fear, or shame. When

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1. Don’t kill
I’VE LONG CONSIDERED verse 183 of the Dhammapada to be one of the best and most succinct summations of the buddhadharma. That verse says: Do no harm,Practice virtue,Discipline the mind.These are the teachings of all the buddhas. These three—not causi
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4 Ways to Heal Yourself with Love
THE WORK OF HEALING trauma makes us tender and vulnerable as we touch our history of wounds, sometimes from childhood and sometimes from our ancestors. But those who do Buddhist practice come from a tradition that does not shy away from our pain, anx
Lion's Roar5 min gelesen
The Whole Path Is Ethics
THE BUDDHA CALLED the noble eightfold path “the way to the cessation of suffering,” and he included each factor in the path precisely because it serves this end. The eight factors that lead to the end of suffering are often divided into three section