Lion's Roar

Sympathetic Joy

IMAGINE YOU HAVE just received wonderful news. What’s one of your very first thoughts? Probably you’re thinking about whom to call to share your joy with.

Knowing that your loved ones will be happy for you and with you makes the joy even greater and more real. As the German proverb says, “Shared pain is half the pain, and shared joy is twice the joy.” So when you share your joy, it doubles for you—and you also give happiness to another! It’s

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A Brief History Of Zen’s Brief History In The United States
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White People, It’s Time To Look In The Mirror
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You Are Not Your Job
THIS YEAR WE HAVE ALL learned the lesson of impermanence. The plans we thought we were making, the lives we thought we were living—2020 has taught us just how illusory they were. For many of us, jobs and careers have proven to be the most impermanent