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Life-saving canine receives RSPCA Queensland Animal Hero Award!


On October 11 last year, Shaune was struck by a car while walking Max. She suffered horrific head and facial injuries and had severe fractures to her arm, neck, pelvis and hip. She spent 27 days in a coma in Intensive Care at the Princess Alexandra Hospital, before spending another 44 days in the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Unit.

Shaune is now back at home, but still under a strict rehabilitation program for a number of months. She underwent 11 hours of facial surgery as her face was completely broken, as well as having a number of other complications with her brain during her time in ICU.

According to Shaune and her fiancé David Symes, she would not be alive today if it wasn’t for the bravery of their dog Max. According to David, the driver of the car, which ended up on its roof about 100 metres away, either didn’t realise or neglected to tell anyone that she

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