The Biscuit

Staying put for Pepper

epper’s story starts off as one of sadness, but like other stories at our shelter, ends in a happily furever after. When Pepper’s owner got

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The Biscuit8 min gelesen
Bushfires & Wildlife
Bushfires across the country have killed and injured animals en masse. Recovery missions to save lives was the first challenge and continue in fire ravaged areas. Now we face another battle: securing a future for the survivors. September 2019 saw the
The Biscuit1 min gelesen
Like the majority of Australians, these past few months have been quite overwhelming. I’m sure as an animal lover, you too have felt helpless, angry and emotionally drained with the recent bushfire crisis impacting Australia. It’s a terrible situatio
The Biscuit3 min gelesen
Something to Tweet About
In July of 2019, we had the honour and utmost pleasure to spend some time at an incredible parrot welfare organisation in Denver, Colorado, USA: The Gabriel Foundation. Founded in 1996 by the wise and wonderful Julie Murad and named in honour of her