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Bushfires & Wildlife

Bushfires across the country have killed and injured animals en masse. Recovery missions to save lives was the first challenge and continue in fire ravaged areas. Now we face another battle: securing a future for the survivors.

September 2019 saw the bushfire crisis begin in Queensland, and they have continued to impact our nation into the new decade. Animal lovers within our community have been a tremendous lifeline in helping save animals.

At RSPCA Queensland, native wildlife continue to receive care from the recent fires. As animals recover, they are now faced with the realisation that they simply have no home to return to. Their homes have been lost and they can’t be returned to just anywhere in the wild. This bushfire crisis will continue to impact our native animals for months and years to come.

We visited wildlife rescuer and carer Judi Gray, to check up on some of the patients she’s been caring for from fire affected areas. Judi and her husband have been helping wildlife in the Toowoomba region for 14 years. “We do a lot of wildlife and koala rescues, majority koala rescues in the region that have increased markedly since the drought,”

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