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Seriously, what does someone have to do to an animal to land themselves a bed in jail?

This was the question I asked after a case involving horrific acts of cruelty to an innocent echidna by an international student at a university campus.

Well to some extent, I know the answer to this question already.

Recently a man was

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Type: Reptile Diet: Carnivorous Colour: When mature they’re emerald green in colour with a yellow belly. Some have occasional white markings. Hatchlings, however, emerge as either sulphur yellow or even reddish-orange before changing to their adult g
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How To Fit A Harness To Your Dog
The RSPCA recommends using a front harness. It gives you more control when walking dogs that have a tendency to pull. The design has a loop at the front of the dog’s chest and over their back. The front loop also works to secure your pet’s existing c