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THE ROYAL TERN | Johns Island, South Carolina

ocated in the heart of Johns Island, this upscale seafood house has been serving up local surf and turf to the Charleston

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Best known as a pickling spice, dill tends to get overlooked as a Southern culinary herb. It is easy to grow at home, and dill’s sweet flavor improves deviled eggs, seafood, and fresh summer salads. With its sweet-yet-herbal flavor, fresh tarragon is
Taste of the South4 min gelesenCookbooks, Food, & Wine
Symbol Of The South
Many Southerners grew up eating suppers served straight from a cast-iron skillet. Sometimes it was a smooth heirloom pan, passed down from a grandmother, that was a vehicle for the best biscuits—crisp on the bottom with pillowy layers that cradled po
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IT’S HARD TO IMAGINE a time when cast-iron skillets of golden, crisp-bottomed cornbread didn’t grace every supper table, but just how did this humble bake become a Southern tradition? The story of cornbread begins millennia ago. Historians believe co