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Escape to Scottsdale

…This resort is one of the most private and tranquil retreats I have visited…

From Phoenix’s hectic Sky Harbor Airport, I head east towards Scottsdale, located in the ‘Valley of the Sun,’ in the northern reaches of the Sonoran Desert. As I’m driving through the arid, rust-hued mountains, tinted by the brilliance of the setting sun, the saguaros seem to move, bowing in their shadows as the sun slowly ebbs in the west.

A popular winter hub for the many Canadian snowbirds that flock to the warmer climes of Arizona, Scottsdale has been on the tourism radar since the 1950s when major developments started taking over the desert valley sprawl with luxurious resorts, tranquil spas and championship golf courses.

One of the original resorts, the Hotel Valley Ho, designed by Edward Varney, a student of Frank Lloyd-Wright, opened in 1956. It was known for its fashionable jet-age design and trendsetting guests, including movie stars and athletes. Placed on the Scottsdale Historic Register, the resort was saved from demolition in 2002 and restored to its original modernist design, with new-millennium touches. The Valley Ho still hosts fashionable guests and events, and is now considered one of the best-preserved mid-century hotels in the US.

In the foothills of

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