Reconnect with your body

Your body image has a significant impact on your relationship with your sexuality, but have you considered that this image is just that – a mental picture created by an imagined ‘other’ who

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Your Usp Is You
HAPPINESS BEGINS with loving yourself – and learning to love yourself comes in stages. The first is self-acceptance. Accept where you are now, your past and your misgivings about the future, and allow them to be. I love what writer Elizabeth Gilbert
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‘Never Be Ashamed To Seek Help’
My anxiety was linked to a period of depression that I experienced in my mid 20s. Pretty soon, I was having regular panic attacks. Honestly, they floored me. I went to my doctor, who referred me to a counsellor, and I am grateful for that every day.
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Explorative Expositions
It’s 1950s England,and prim and proper teacher Margery Benson is tired of her trammelled life. Recalling her childhood passion for a mysterious,possibly mythological,golden beetle, she decides to head to New Caledonia island to find it.Aware that she