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t is a few minutes shy of 9:00pm and I am in a Bolt ride home from Johannesburg Park Station. The driver is Eritrean and we are talking about African immigrants. He seems not to trust Malawians and Zimbabweans; the ones he has met so far are trouble. He likes Nigerians very much. He almost swears that he can tell them apart from other Africans once they open their mouths to speak. I reply that I can tell Eritreans apart, too – they sound a bit like Ethiopians. Ethiopians! Oh, he does not like Ethiopians; he was brought up not to like them. He cannot escape his upbringing, he says. Just before we reach my home in downtown Johannesburg, he confesses that he cannot place

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New Internationalist2 min gelesenEnvironmental Science
Norway Prising Open The Arctic
The Barents Sea, a clean and relatively undisturbed corner of the planet, looks set to become the new frontier for oil drilling as Norway presses ahead with a large-scale auction of oil exploration licences, despite opposition. Most of Norway’s curre
New Internationalist3 min gelesenPolitics
View From Africa
This year was supposed to be different – at least if all the mantras so many of us shared on social media and with our friends were to come true. The broad consensus was that 2020 was an annus horribilis – a disastrous year – but that 2021 would be a
New Internationalist1 min gelesenCrime & Violence
Watching brands awkwardly market themselves to ‘the youth’ is an endless source of schadenfreude online. A prime example came with the much-ridiculed January rebrand of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). As well as a bizarre new logo reminisce