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Upon discovering ways to recreate versions of food she’s allergic to, through various health blogs, Raja Jesrina noticed the inconvenience of pulling little pieces of information from different sources. With 10-years of experience in the digital realm, plus the help of her closest

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Malaysia Tatler7 min gelesenPaganism & Neo-Paganism
Witch Please
“Witches don’t burn, honey,” Sabrina Villard, a modern-day shaman, tells me as we’re standing in a ceremony room inside her chic apartment on Robinson Road in Hong Kong’s exclusive Mid-Levels district. “We are not going anywhere.” As a baby, Villard
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Tell us about the first jewellery piece you designed. It was a medallion, which was inspired by the only piece of jewellery my grandparents brought from Cuba. During the revolution, everything of value—especially gold—was confiscated by the governme
Malaysia Tatler2 min gelesen
Keeping It Simple
What was your first experience with beauty? Zaida Ibrahim: My first memory was actually buying a children’s makeup set while on a holiday—that was over 20 years ago by the way, I can’t believe I still remember even going to the shop. And let me tel