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True media needs true allies.

I think that there will come a time when people will ask of the Indian media: What were you doing in those five years when a government came to power that spread hate and

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Catch As Catch Can
In January 2018, we sat in a trawler on its fishing trip out of Malvan, a fishing centre and tourist town in southern Maharashtra. The boat cast a trawl net that was dragged over the seafloor, catching not only prawn, crab, and other commercially imp
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The Bookshelf
This collection is a history of Jawaharlal Nehru University, told through the eyes of several alumni, administrators and faculty members. It contains over a hundred photographs and reflects on the university’s expansion, the development of particular
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Parent Entity
When Dhruva Jaishankar was a fellow at Brookings India, in 2017, I sent him questions for a story I was reporting on the think tank for The Wire. His father, S Jaishankar, was then the foreign secretary, and I asked Dhruva what any diligent journalis