The Caravan

True media needs true allies.

I think that there will come a time when people will ask of the Indian media: What were you doing in those five years when a government came to power that spread hate and poison, that controlled the media, what were you doing then? And very few in the Indian media will be able to hold their heads up and say that we were calling the powerful to account. I think Caravan is one of the few magazines that will be able to hold

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The Caravan20 min gelesenCrime & Violence
ON 16 MAY 1951 , Jawaharlal Nehru stood in parliament and moved for a bill to be referred to a select committee. The Constitution (First Amendment) Bill sought to change the new Constitution that had come into effect less than sixteen months before.
The Caravan4 min gelesen
Curtain Call
“And what colour bra were you wearing?” her friend asks. That’s not relevant, she argues, and besides, she doesn’t remember. When she finally answers, if only to dispel the mounting tension, the atmosphere shifts. The motley chorus that was, until a
The Caravan26 min gelesenPolitics
Rescue Effort
ON 27 FEBRUARY 2002 , as 59 karsevaks burnt to death in the Sabarmati Express’s S6 coach in the central Gujarat town of Godhra, Narendra Modi, then the chief minister of the state, rushed to the spot. Later that day, the Gujarat government released a