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Guila M. Dotti Sani and Judith Treas found that modern mothers from 11 wealthy, western countries spent close to an hour more taking care of their kids in 2012 than mothers did in 1965. Fathers now spend around 40

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What Matters?
The Pew Center asked adults in the US to write, in their own words, about the things that give them a sense of meaning and satisfaction with their lives. The survey report states that “respondents mentioned many different topics, with family emerging
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New Philosopher
Zan Boag Antonia Case Carlos Egan, Aida Novoa Genís Carreras Nigel Warburton Mariana Alessandri, Marina Benjamin, Gregg Caruso, Antonia Case, Tom Chatfield, Myisha Cherry, André Dao, Christina Easton, Carrie Jenkins, Allan Lake, Massimo Pigliucci, Cl
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Gregg D. Caruso is Professor of Philosophy at SUNY Corning, Honorary Professor of Philosophy at Macquarie University, and the Co-Director of the Justice Without Retribution Network ( JWRN) at the University of Aberdeen School of Law. His books includ