Curated simplicity

On a recent Sunday, I found myself sitting on my bed, surrounded by small bottles of perfumes, creams, and soaps I had pilfered from various hotels. Agonising over what should stay and what should go, I put them into ever-smaller piles.

Finally, irritated, and bored but filled with fear that I might one day need a tiny-sized shampoo bottle, I moved them (wholesale and once again jumbled) into the bathroom cabinet, promising this time that I’d make a point of using them all. 

With next to no space for my collection of travel toiletries, why didn’t I just throw them away? What made me

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Queen Of Media
Doris Gibson’s name is not well-known outside her native Peru, but in her home country she cuts a figure as one of the most striking, brilliant, and influential journalists of the 20th century. As the founder of Peru’s most influential political and
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Nishme Sumar
I was born in the province of Talara in the Piura region. My grandfather was a doctor, and back then he worked for an American oil company. My mother wanted to give birth close to her family, so she returned for the birth. That was the beginning of m
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Shout Out
The door was shut. I looked betweenIts iron bars; and saw it lie,My garden, mine, beneath the sky,Pied with all flowers bedewed and green: From bough to bough the song-birds crossed,From flower to flower the moths and bees;With all its nests and stat