Marine canvas, be it a boat cover or enclosure, possesses an annoying trait. It tends to shrink with age and exposure to the elements. A piece of canvas that fit perfectly when it was new years ago is now a struggle to snap into place.

Sometimes, no matter how much you tug and pull to stretch the fabric, the aging canvas just won’t reach far enough to connect with one or more snaps. If you leave that portion of the canvas unsnapped, it

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The Adventure You’ve Been Waiting For
Axopar goes hand-in-hand with adventure. Its customers use their boats to discover unexplored places, reach new experiences and indulge in activities away from the boat. Whether it’s kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, hiking, fishing, diving or mount
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Remember when we used a telephone just to call someone? In those days, if we wanted to listen to music, take photos, plan a road trip, crunch some numbers, look at local restaurant options and do our own fact-checking, our available toolbox included
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Life Jackets For Kids
TYPE Most kids in a supervised, recreational boating situation will be best served by a US Coast Guard-approved Type III life jacket. Featuring the classic ski-vest design, Type III jackets are easy to put on, comfortable and, when properly sized, wi