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We put hundreds of packaged foods, supplements and household products to the test, judging their taste, texture and mouthfeel (tough job, we know!), plus a few additional areas we considered meaningful:


You know the feeling you get when you discover an amazing new TV show or app and you’re the first to recommend it to your friends? That’s what we wanted to experience when delivering this list to you. We’re certain you’ll find a product or two that’ll make you go, “How’d they think of that?”


Likewise, we wanted to ensure every item on this list satisfies time and time again, from the first heaping spoonful to the last determined scrape against the bottom of the jar. We selected products that we consider “stashable” – you’ll want to keep extras around for those times when cravings hit – and those that make meal prep a snap.


With the 50th anniversary of Earth Day landing this year, our team paid special attention to companies that put the environment first: Items in recyclable or recycled packaging over plastic, formulas that use ethically sourced ingredients and companies that donate portions of their proceeds to worthy causes were standouts in our books.


Though many submissions impressed with their gung-ho attitude toward the planet, our team opted to highlight companies that have inventive takes

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