Working Mother


Nobody loves a good dad story more than we do… except for maybe the entire internet. In the past year and a half, so many fathers made headlines for sharing how they help working moms that it became impossible to keep up with every single buzzworthy papa. Why are their posts resonating so strongly? “Because this is what many men and women have been advocating for,” says Jill Yavorsky, Ph.D., assistant professor in the sociology and organizational sciences departments at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. “Women want more of an equal co-parent from their spouses, and fathers want to see their children and spend more time with their family…. The fact that these dads go public suggests they’re invested in changing the cultural stigmas associated with men taking time off work or rearranging their schedules around their kids.”

But what do the dads say? We invited some of them, many of whom went viral on our site, , to tell

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