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A lot of factors go into creating a blog or website that will attract enough visitors to make it worth your time and successful enough to keep you plugging away during the bad times. Some of this will involve technology and apps that will help to guide you and automate much of the process, but ultimately if you produce good quality imagery and text you can gain success with even the most basic visual platform. If you use the tools in macOS and iOS you can then focus on the all-important content creation and utilise them to help you manage visitor communications, content plans and all of the other parts that come together to create a place that people want to visit often. We will do our best to guide you through every aspect of creating a successful online presence using your Apple devices.

A decent dashboard

Learn and grow

You will need to understand how much traction your site is gaining over time. A decent platform will give you granular statistics which you can closely monitor to understand what works and what does not. It takes time to grow.

Automated design

A crucial decision will be whether to design the site yourself, pay a professional to do it or to rely on an online platform to offer you themes and automated design. If you want true uniqueness avoid the automation.

Plan ahead

No matter what platform you use to run your blog, you will need a reliable CMS (Content Management System) that allows you to schedule posts ahead of time. This will enable you to ensure that there is a steady flow of content.

A quick glance

Imagery is extremely important for any online presence because it can make all of the difference between someone glancing at your site and leaving or wanting to see more. Your images should also be consistent throughout.

Create to succeed

Before you do anything, think about the topic you want to build a site for and the most effective way for you to create content. Start writing posts before you begin building the site and find the perfect app for you that allows you to focus is an easy to use and efficient example.

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