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Act fast to reverse your DIABETES

Our research has shown that Type 2 diabetes is not irreversible – which many people may have been

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Woman's Weekly1 min gelesen
‘My Funny Old Week’
WHERE I’VE BEEN In the studio filming my chat show, Martin & Roman’s Sunday Best!, for ITV. WHAT I’VE BOUGHT A pint in my local pub and my daughter Harley’s new single. WHO I’VE MET Jenny Ryan, aka the Vixen from The Chase. She was lovely, too. WH
Woman's Weekly1 min gelesenPsychology
3 Ways To... Cut Face Mask Anxiety
before wearing your mask. Experiment with fabrics to find one you’re most comfortable with. Add lavender oil to help calm you. Choose a face covering that hangs down your neck rather than fits around your jaw. It will feel less restrictive and help y
Woman's Weekly1 min gelesenNature
3 Of The Best… Plums To Plant
Disease-resistant, its juicy fruits have a sweet, gage-like flavour. The nation’s favourite, it has been grown since 1837. A heavy cropper. A late-flowerer ready to pick in September.