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Oh the !
QI’ve developed an obsession with my gardener and come up with any and every excuse to invite him round. There’s a sizeable age gap between us (I am the older party). I know he wouldn’t be interested in me, but I can’t help myself. Do you know any cu
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Dropping The Hemline
THE story that the Victorians draped chair legs to protect their modesty is thought to have its roots in an anti-American quip in Capt Marryat’s A Diary In America, which he wrote in the 1830s. The anecdote reflected his view that there was a great d
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Beyond The Zoom Boom
THINK back to when ‘zoom’ simply meant the sound of a rocket and ‘remote’ was merely an object for siblings to squabble over after school. That simpler world of desks, dormitories and muddy rugby boots can seem like another era, a source of nostalgia