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As a young boy, Chris Lee spent much of his time in his father’s Singapore grocery store neatly arranging and rearranging the shelves. According to him, the products always had to face the front. While this didn’t directly influence his career choice, which owes

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Humans have long held a fascination with abandoned places; while this arguably reflects deeper feelings about the ephemerality of our own existence, the publishers of Cities of Silence find images of COVID-19 lockdown-affected urban environments calm
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Regional Revival
This autumn marked the opening of He Art Museum in Guangdong’s Shunde district, designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Tadao Ando to house business tycoon He Jianfeng’s extensive art collection, which began with a focus on artists from the Ling
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Comfort & Style
In the wake of Salone del Mobile’s cancellation earlier this year, Italian leather furniture producer Baxter has conceptualised Baxter Worldwide 2020 as an alternative platform to share its new collections, an initiative involving a series of interna