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ocated on the edge of the Old School Square arts and entertainment complex, Dada slings a rotating menu of avant-garde dishes for gourmands and art-lovers alike. Prep your palate with one of the dozen hand-muddled mojitos, from the Razzmatazz with raspberry to the Man-Go-A-Go-Go with mango puree. For dinner, vegetarians will appreciate the mushroom tikka masala, while omnivores will love the glazed salmon with

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October Events
What happens when you combine captivating art and environmental activism? You get the Miami-based, eco-feminist, multimedia artist Mira Lehr. Rosenbaum Contemporary will host a showcase of Lehr’s new works, “Planetary Visions: Mira Lehr from Spaceshi
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If your only point of reference for Swedish food is an Ikea meatball, then prepare to send your taste buds on a culinary journey, because Waxin’s Restaurant & Bar in Palm Beach Gardens is disarming that perception one beautifully plated dish at a tim
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Axe Marks The Spot
Eric Perez and Michael Shine’s own weekend activities inspired them to launch Axe Em, the first and only axthrowing venue on the Treasure Coast. “It started in the backyard of Michael’s brother’s house,” explains Perez. “On Sundays, we get together t