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Take control of your family’s finances from the palm of your hand with these apps, which cover off budgeting for adults and kids as well as investing, where to find bargains and how to better manage your time.


It’s never been easier to track your every cent thanks to PocketBook, a budgeting app that automatically organises your spending into

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5 Minutes With Elyse Knowles
NI: How do you keep your locks soft, shiny and manageable in summer? EK: I’m lucky that my hair is healthy from the regular botanical repair treatments I do – I feel like these keep my hair naturally shiny and strong. NI: What is your number one
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In Season – Lychees
Lychees have a juicy, white, translucent flesh surrounded by a hard, deep red or pink skin. Use your fingernail to break into the outer shell and peel it away, like you would a hard-boiled egg. With an exotic, floral aroma, they are fabulous in fruit
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Romance Woes For Elle
Elle Macpherson didn’t mince words last week, posting a string of revealing quotations, seemingly confirming rumours she and her man, Andrew Wakefield, have called it quits. Sources say the 56-year-old mum of two has been under pressure from friend