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‘A wonderful man and a true friend’

hey may have made their name as country singers, but it was a pop song written and produced by then disco kings the Bee Gees that started an enduring musical partnership between Dolly Parton was the first and biggest of many duets Parton and Rogers recorded together, the song going on to top charts around the world in 1983 – though it was pipped to the No 1 spot in New Zealand in early 1984 by Billy Joel’s .

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Hobbled And Gagged
Parliament has designed a highly regulated model for the proposed legal cannabis market, which aspiring entrepreneurs believe will be a rare new recession-beating industry. An estimated $1.5 billion of business is waiting eagerly to be done, and a po
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Smoke Signals
Anyone who approaches the referendum on the legalisation of cannabis in the binary spirit of Roundheads versus Cavaliers is in for a few surprises. The message that seems to have got lost in the furious “evil” or “harmless fun” rhetoric of opposing s
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Need To Know
We learn from books, which suggests authors are wiser than readers. This is clearly false, yet we at least entertain the notion every time we pick up a book. The extreme example of this paternalistic relationship is the self-help book, where readers,