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ransgender people with their preferred name and gender on all their identification documents – passports, driver licences or birth certificates – found that those with gender-affirming IDs were 32% less likely to be classified as seriously psychologically distressed and 22% less likely to have seriously considered suicide than those with no gender-affirming IDs.

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Dead Letters
When readers last saw journalist Miller Hatcher in Cambridge author Nikki Crutchley’s auspicious debut, her star was rising after she’d survived a killer in the Coromandel. In THE MURDER CLUB (Oak House Press, $34.99), she’s lost her job at a top mag
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Valley Of Debt
‘Pivot” is the buzzword of our post-Covid response. With the workforce plunging at a pace with GDP, New Zealanders are pivoting – some to new jobs or working from home, others, unfortunately, to benefits. Meanwhile, firms pirouette in search of new c