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Mrs Gulliver’s travails

n an author’s note, Australian novelist Lauren Chater says she was inspired to write by reading and finding that the eponymous figure hardly ever mentioned his wife. So she decided to balance things by writing a novel about the wife Gulliver ignored and how she might have fared in the

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The 5th Wave (TVNZ 2, 7.00pm). Cute teens v the aliens: Chloë Grace Moretz learns deadly survival skills after Earth is attacked: the fifth wave refers to the final phase of the takeover, after electromagnetic attack, earthquakes, disease and possess
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If you went looking for Dolly Parton’s finest musical moment, you might not have to go any further than the opening lines of 9 to 5, the theme tune she wrote for the ground-breaking 1980 comedy movie that later inspired a stage musical. “Tumble outta
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Epic On Ice
For HMS Endurance, skippered by Kiwi Frank Worsley, the timing could not have been worse. Charged with dropping off and picking up Sir Ernest Shackleton’s Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition team, the ship left England as war was declared in August 1