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Rebirth of a dream

f architecture, as someone once observed, should inspire people to think, Christchurch must be a city of Socratic thinkers, especially when it comes to its Town Hall where Warren and

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Mrs Gulliver’s travails
In an author’s note, Australian novelist Lauren Chater says she was inspired to write Gulliver’s Wife by reading Gulliver’s Travels and finding that the eponymous figure hardly ever mentioned his wife. So she decided to balance things by writing a no
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Pandemic? What Pandemic?
On January 22, US President Donald Trump assured the nation that “we have [the coronavirus situation] totally under control. It’s one person coming in from China. It’s going to be just fine.” Last weekend, the Washington Post reported that in late Ja
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Risky Business
As Sir Peter Gluckman prepared to go into self-isolation, it was with a sense of frustration and growing alarm. “I was out preparing for lockdown. The bars are full, the restaurants are full, people are not taking this seriously,” the 71-year-old who