New Zealand Listener


QUIZWORD by Alan Shuker

Puzzle No 1565

Clues across

5. What is slang or jargon peculiar to a particular class or group of people? (5)

8. What is a noisy and overexcited reaction greater than its cause merits? (8)

9. What are the internal organs of an animal used as food? (5)

10. What is an outline of the plot of a play, film or book? (8)

11. What is settled sediment at the bottom of a liquid? (5)

14. What is a pen for swine? (3)

16. What bird features on New Zealand’s two-dollar coin? (6)

17. According to German invasion plans, Hitler was intending to use which city as his capital if he conquered England? (6)

18/20. Who, when approached by Michael Parkinson in a restaurant, said to him: “Eggs, over easy – and coffee”? (3,5)

24. Which Philippines volcano killed many hundreds

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