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ichael Portillo is as colourfully dressed as ever in Great Australian Railway Journeys (Living, Saturday, 7.30pm), but it was  

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Midday Report (RNZ National, noon, weekdays). RNZ National has revamped Midday Report and it now also features the first Māori presenter to host a regular weekday news programme. Māni Dunlop has settled into the hot seat at quite a moment in history.
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Mind How You Go
Many will find this collaboration between a US mathematician and a medical professor a profoundly irritating book. I’m not talking readers; they’ll enjoy it hugely. I mean the circles – now dwindling, in my case – of friends whom those readers just h
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The Great Dental Disgrace
On the morning of March 6, 2017, sixteen teachers and pupils were taken to hospital from Camberley School in Hastings suffering suspected toxic inhalation. An old-fashioned thermometer, containing between 0.5 and 3 grams of mercury, had broken, neces